Uploading Your Content

Now that you have a domain in our Cloud, you will most likely want to begin uploading content to your website. We will show you how to locate your FTP (File Transfer Protocol) credentials and connect to our Cloud FTP servers.

In order to add content to your web site you will need to log in with an FTP client (FileZilla) using your FTP settings. Let's start by showing you where you can locate your FTP settings.

To find your domain's FTP settings follow these easy steps:
  1. Login to your Cloud Control Panel (https://websitesettings.com).
  2. Click on Websites & Email on the left.
  3. Click on the domain name you would like to connect to.
  4. Under the General Settings tab, you should the Edit Your Site section you will find the following information:
    • FTP Server - There are two servers you can connect to. Pick either one. Remember, these are often called 'hosts' as well.
    • Username - This is the username you need to connect via FTP
    • Password - This is the password you need to connect via FTP
    • Port - By default, use port 21. We also support port 22, which gives you a secure connection to our servers.
Once you are connected via FTP, you should see 3 folders: web, stats and logs. Under web, there will be 2 more folders, cgi-bin and content. The content folder is where you want to upload your website (/web/content). Note: By default, your site will have an index.html. In order to display your new content, please delete the default index.html before uploading new content.
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