Logging into the Control Panel

Hello and welcome to Zicara's Cloud!

Now that your account has been activated, the first thing that you'll want to do is to log in to the Cloud Control Panel to access your account.

Just open a browser to: http://websitesettings.com

One you have logged in, you will see 4 sections on the left side:
  1. Websites & Email - This is where you see all of the domains  and sub-domains that you have added. Once you click on one of the domains, it will bring you to a page with 4 tabs:
    • General Settings - This page shows your the FTP details, databases and recent statistics for your website.
    • Permissions - This is where you can add additional FTP accounts.
    • Email Accounts - There is where you can add email accounts and access them with the link found under webmail.
    • Features - This is where you can add new databases, setup cron tasks and change technologies.
  2. Usage Report - This is where you see how much disk space, bandwidth, and compute cycles you have used so far.
  3. Contacts - This contains your contact information, feel free to update it from time to time as your contact details change.
  4. Logout
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