Adding Your First Domain

To add a domain name to your account, please send us a request or send an email to

There are 3 types of domain names:
  1. Standard Domain - for example you just registered and would like to host a website on it.
  2. Sub-Domain - if you already own have hosted with us and want to add another website at
  3. Alias Domain - if you have bought another domain name, say and would like to 'point it' to
Send us a request and tell us the domain name and how you would like to add it.

What is a Sub-domain?

In the DNS hierarchy a sub-domain is any part of the URL that precedes the second-level domain name and the top-level domain name.  When looking at the domain "", ".com" is the top-level domain and "mywebsite" is the second-level domain.

A sub-domain is anything beyond that second-level domain.  That means describes the "www" subdomain of "" (making "www" the third-level domain in the example).

Sub-domains aren't limited to just one level.  You can have a "photos" subdomain, making "", but you can also extend that with "www" to make "".

Note that Cloud Sites only automatically adds "www" when a site is created with a second-level domain name (""). If you want to use "www" with a subdomain we recommend creating the site with a fully-qualified domain name like "" so you can be sure that visitors can get to the site with the address you want them to use.

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